Top 5 pro tips for surviving Coachella

If this year will be your first Coachella experience or you think you may need a refresher on how to do festivals the right way, keep the following 5 pro tips in mind before embarking into the Indio valley rage fest. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

1. Bring your wristband.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s super important nonetheless. This is your one and only ticket into the festival, and if forget it you’ll be spending a weekend in Indio valley missing what is, without a doubt, the most exciting thing that takes place there all year. Guard that wristband with your life!

2. Pack appropriately.

Remember that you’re going to be in the desert all day and night in the middle of Spring. The weather could vary from blistering heat to brutal wind storms that will kick up so much dust and dirt you’ll be wanting to run for cover. Whatever your style may be, make sure you’re able to keep yourself cool and protected from the sun/wind/dirt. Hats, glasses, sun screen, chapstick, handkerchiefs, and scarfs are a good starting point. Oh, and not mention an water bottle. Stay hydrated people! There are free water refill stations that you should become pretty familiar with.

3.  Pick a meeting spot.

Even if your group is small you don’t plan on splitting up, picking a common meeting place just in case is a must. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people filtering in and out of the festival all weekend, which makes it real easy to get disoriented and lost real quick. There are tons of unique art installations set up throughout the festival, so I suggest picking one of those is your best bet.

4. Airplane mode.

Keeping your smartphone in airplane mode is one of the best things you can do to ensure your device will have enough power to get you through the day. Yes, there is a “charging station” but it’s almost always really crowded and time consuming so I would avoid it if you can. Your cellular service will be pretty much non-existent anywhere on the festival grounds anyways, so keeping your phone searching for it when there is none will only drain the battery that much faster. At Coachella your phone is a clock, camera, a way to check the line-ups, and that’s pretty much about it.

5. Don’t camp, rent a house.

This may not be as practical of a tip depending on your budget, but if you happen to be with a big group or can find a bigger group to room with for the weekend it will most definitely be worth it. Camping at Coachella is what most people would call a rite of passage, but a shower after a long day and a comfortable bed to sleep in at night cannot be understated. Coachella is a marathon, not a sprint. You will surely be exhausted after every day, so make sure you’re getting at least enough rest to power you through 3 days.

And most importantly… HAVE FUN! Coachella only comes around once a year and you paid a pretty penny for that ticket. Check out music you’ve never heard of, talk to new people, and keep the adventure alive. Enjoy it to the fullest!