Trends for Coachella fashion tribes

Your guide to this years trending styles.

Festival fashion tends to evolve inside of the festival fairgrounds, free from of the influence of the normal fashion trendsetters. These trends are an interesting blend of practicality and deliberate eccentricity, displaying everything from flower headdresses, to cropped t-shirts and cut off shorts. We’ve taken some careful notes and assembled a list of Coachella fashion tribes. Where will you fit in?

1. Bikini Babes
coachella fashion

You go to festivals not only for the music, but also to get a great tan. You don’t hesitate to wear neon, crochet, or a jumpsuit and you make it look superb. Your sunglasses and flip flops are always on and if you’re not at a stage, we can find you by the pool.

2. Costume Lovers

coachella fashion

You live for using your festival style as a theme, and will wear almost anything as long as it’s outlandish. Head-dresses, face paint, superhero capes, and animal onesies – if you wore it last Halloween you’re probably wearing it to Coachella 2016. We’ll probably find you on stage at some point, and yes, we most definitely will ask to take a picture with you.

3. Glam Gals

coachella fashion

You’ll never be seen with a speck of dirt on you, and your hair/make-up is always on point. You don’t “do” camping and we can most likely find you rubbing shoulders with stylish celebs in the VIP lounge. You wear glamorous, high-fashion dresses with heeled ankle boots. You continue to set the standard for desert fashion and can pull it off better than anyone else.

4. Professional Ravers

coachella fashion

You know you’re going to be dancing all night and you place comfort over everything else. You’re a minimalist when it comes to styling and like to stick to cropped t-shirts, cut off shorts, headbands, and your gym shoes.  We’ll find you waving your hands in the air, embracing a sweaty dance tent or an open field. Festivals are your natural habitat and your Coachella fashion is effortless yet perfect in every way.

5. Cali Hispters

coachella fashion

You’re part cowgirl and part Bohemian Hollywood. Your heart belongs in California, even if you’re from Idaho. You wear fringed tops, floral blouses, faded denim, cowboy boots and oversized hats. Your outfits always reflect what’s “in”, and last years styles are long gone. You set the bar for west coast fashion and put it on a fantastic display for all of us to see.


Whether you admit it or not… festivals (Coachella is no exception) are just as much about the people as it is about the music. Highly stylized outfits are most certainly a form of self expression. People love to experiment with trending fashion crazes and take a break from the mundane. Whether you keep it simple wear something wild, make sure you’re comfortable and make Coachella 2016 memorable!




Celebrity styles

Everyone knows that Coachella is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your own unique sense of style. Whether it’s a flower crown, jeweled crop top, tie-dye head scarf or nipple pasties, you can pull off just about anything you wish when it comes to during Coachella weekend. Be creative and think outside of your comfort zone! If you like it, go for it!

Here are some top notch styles shown by celebrities from last years festival to give you some fashion inspiration:

Hozier and Aaron Paul
Katy Perry and Mia Moretti
Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine
Bella Thorne
Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner
Kendall and Kylie Jenner
Victoria Justice